Thursday, February 28, 2013

dirtish thoughts

Sometimes I wonder what my preschooler thinks about all day. Judging by his words, it's generally snacks, candy, and tv, although he is becoming quite excellent at putting together little stories and pretending to be all kinds of different characters.

The other day he turned to me and said, "over there in that corner? That's Dirt Girl." When asked what Dirt Girl did, he said that she laid on her back and planted seeds (he demonstrated this by laying on his back and pretending to dump seeds over his shoulder), and "when she gets up, she's all dirty!" Now that's quite a superhero! I wonder if I can contract her to do some of my weeding this year?

I also gave him my old seed catalogues to play with, and he wanted to make a garden. So this is Ethan's garden plot. It was his idea to put stems on all the plants. :)

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