Wednesday, February 13, 2013

..and the fun begins!

The time has arrived for the containers of wet vermiculite and itty bitty sprouting things to start taking up my windowsills, countertops, and kitchen table. Up this week? Broccoli, cabbage, and parsley. (just the broccoli is in the picture, the others are some cuttings I'm trying to eke into the land of the living). 

Broccoli and cabbage can be started this early because they are very cold-tolerant. Last year I put them in the garden in April, and my broccoli survived at least two snowstorms (although I think I had them under little plastic hats). Then in June, my neighbour and I were discussing how surprisingly delicious home-grown broccoli could be, while our children begged for more.

This is my lavender - see the little sprouts? It's in a cute silver pail that came from my sister-in-law this Christmas. 

Looking forward to more!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is fantastically early! I think I started my broc. transplants in the middle/end of march and we were eating at the end of July. When do you expect to eat it when you start this early?

Christie said...

June! And then a month later I pulled them out and replanted with some fresh transplants for a second crop (which was decimated by cabbage worms but I have a plan for that this year!) I've been following the times suggested in "Square Food Gardening", which for broccoli and cabbage is 12 weeks before average last frost!