Friday, March 6, 2015

Garden Gadgets!

It feels like spring here in Edmonton! My bigger boys have been sent to take their crazy outside, and my cabbage and broccoli seeds are starting to grow on the windowsill! Are you itching to get your garden started too?

Last year, I realized that with three kids taking up all my attention, my garden really took a hit. I still enjoyed pulling weeds, but I barely remembered to water. And even when I did remember, I would be at it for about 32 seconds before someone would interrupt. And since I have raised beds in the back, watering is kind of important! 

This year, during my annual devouring of the gardening catalogues, I found a couple new items that I am hoping will save my poor plants from a drought resembling that of 2014. 

1) The first is the "snip 'n' drip" system from West Coast Seeds. It's a regular/soaker hose combo that you can put together however you like. It comes with couplers that allow you to have regular hose going to the garden beds with several soaker hoses coming off of it (just look at the link, it makes way more sense in the photo!). It just came in the mail today and I'm very excited about its potential to help my three raised beds do their best!

2) The other item I bought is an EarthBox. I've been eyeing these for years so I finally bit the bullet and ordered one off Amazon.  I have terrible luck with peppers (probably because they never get watered...), so I'm going to try them in here this year. 

Are you trying anything new this gardening season?


Anonymous said...

Well, the greenhouse. Horray! I just seeded some brocolli and lettuce in the house. When I look at the temperature over the next few weeks, I may just seed a LOT of my "6-8week" flower seeds. Greenhouse seems to be pretty good at keeping things warm.
Like you, I have problems watering. I'm convinced my garden suffers a lot from it. So I'm going to get a couple of these weeper hoses from Gilmour. They're a kind of woven nylon fabric and seem pretty strong. I also got a submersible pump for my birthday to place in my (soon to be 3) connected rain barrels and then to the weeper hose. So a lot of fun stuff for me! Also looking forward to see the difference between the shredded (Thanks leaf shreder!) and not shredded leaves on the garden beds. Here is my leaf shredder post:

Heather Bee said...

I did the drip system one year but with my kiddos found I was always forgetting to turn it off. So I went from the dry death one year to the swamp the next. So, the following year came the water timer (Yay!!!) and, due to my husband's excitement, the Soil Moisture Sensor/Override (it won't let the water turn on if the soil is already wet). Saved as a ton of money compared to the year before and we actually got some produce. Whew! Maybe this year with the youngest being 3, I'll be able to weed too :)~