Saturday, March 7, 2015

Seedling shelves!

Pretty proud wife here - my self-proclaimed Unhandy Husband concocted a shelving solution to a peculiar problem I have been having with my seedlings. 

Two days ago I found something brown in my 11 month old's mouth...apparently he had been munching on a cabbage seedling and the surrounding potting soil. It looks like putting them on the windowsill isn't going to work this year! 

We discussed buying a cheap shelf to put in front of the window, but I have noticed that the seedlings even a few inches further from the window get much stretchier than the ones directly in the windowsill. 

...enter Husband With Powertools. 

The original plan was to screw little pieces of wood into the sides of the windowsill, and place a board on top, spanning the window. But that was too ghetto for this Husband. The new plan has absolutely nothing screwed or nailed into the walls or windowsill and is completely removable. I have to admit, I was mighty impressed!

Try to eat that, baby. 

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