Thursday, June 27, 2013

pictures and ponderings

I mowed the lawn this evening and greatly enjoyed myself. I never would have pegged myself as someone who would enjoy yardwork, yet here I am! And I have to say, I have newfound respect for those who wield weed-wackers all day - what an arm workout!! 

Here's just a few random shots that I took while I was outside, enjoying the warm evening.

The view from the gate.


My first happy zucchini plant EVER. And it's mere feet away from the front sidewalk!

What is this? I have no idea but it's very cute.

My favorite corner of the deck - surrounded by raspberries, tomatoes, haskaps, and cukes.

Things are growing!

I've been struggling recently with how much time I spend cleaning or gardening when I'm with the boys. I'm generally still interacting with them but not actually playing with them. Sometimes I justify it, but there's always this niggling in my conscience, and here is someone who states it perfectly. Thanks for providing just the words I needed today, Ann Voskamp. :) Time to start making more of my evenings and naptimes, and building real relationships with my sons again.

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Anonymous said...

Christie: Your garden looks very inviting. Good for you!
~ Judy