Sunday, May 5, 2013

The front yard is HAPPENING!

Unfortunately, no pictures. I was repotting tomatoes tonight and forgot to get some pictures of my husband trenching the edges of the garden. However, I'll get some shots of his lovely job tomorrow. 

We finally figured out what to do with the path - we trenched the edges of the garden, and we're going to plant a low-maintenance grass-substitute along what is all currently grass. Then, in the inner curvy path, we're going to add some flagstones to make it more inviting. The path will also have a little expansion into the garden over by the apple tree. Under the apple tree we plan to put a willow bench that my father-in-law is creating, and surround it with hostas and other shade-loving plants. I'm starting to picture the finished garden in my mind, and I'm getting SO EXCITED! Can you tell? :)

Here's a question for the tomato-lovers: our average last frost date is May 10 - this coming Friday. The forecast says there won't be frost between now and then. I usually plant out my tomatoes on the average last frost date. 

Should I just put my tomatoes in the garden and get it over with? 

Of course, there COULD be frost soon. But then again, we've had frost in mid-June, and I'm not waiting another month to put in my tomatoes! 

So what to do, what to do?

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