Friday, September 14, 2012


Apparently my garden is already having an effect in my neighborhood! Both my next-door neighbors ask me on a fairly regular basis about what the next step is, and they both seem fairly interested. Another neighbor came over the other day while I was weeding in front because he apparently just had to satisfy his curiosity! We had a great talk and he left seeming very content that his curiosity had been sated.

And this evening the neighbor kids were putting around in our driveway and when we peeked out, they were taking pictures in front of the flowers! They like to hang out on the curvy path too - I saw them the other day hanging out with my neighbor's cat on our yard, and one of them popped a strawberry in his mouth (I had previously told them to help themselves :). I was so pleased because that's exactly the dynamic I'd love to provide the neighborhood! A place where kids can come and try new foods and sit around in the midst of things that grow. 

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Kathy said...

That is very cool! Food seems to draw people together :)