Saturday, September 1, 2012

holy compost Batman!

So we went to Cleanit Greenit a few weeks back to get a load of compost. We were fully expecting to have to fill up the truck manually, and were VERY pleasantly surprised when the guy with the front loader offered to do it for us. One big dump and we were done! 

The dent we made in the pile. 
I should have taken a picture of the site where they actually make the compost - it's where all the organics from Sherwood Park go, and the pile was huge! This guy just drives around the piles all day, digging up chunks and flipping it over. Then eventually they haul it over to their screening site, where they screen out all the garbage that ends up in there (you people not sorting your organics correctly ;) and pile it up. The original stuff smelled HORRIFICALLY, and my dad was super worried about what I was subjecting my neighbors to. But thankfully, the finished compost barely smells. Yay!

Now that's a heavy load!
On a side note, can anyone tell me why my iPhone photos are downloading like this onto my Mac?

So if you're wanting to do the sheet-mulching technique (also known as lasagna gardening), just FYI, my approach isn't really found in the to-do manual. I started off right, but you're actually supposed to continue with several layers of greens/browns, and I stopped after two. But I figure that it's also about working with what you can get a hold of, and frankly, using the compost will make my garden productive WAY faster. I already have several perennial food plants in there - more photos to come. :)

Finally the garden is looking a little more like a garden and less like a barn!

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