Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh spring, thou art most lovely

Spring, spring, it's a beautiful thing!

It's my favourite season, hands down. After a long cold winter nothing is better than seeing the buds come out on the bushes. And since I LOVE change, I appreciate that there's always something new and different in spring. Yesterday I thought my daffodils were dead, today I discovered them popping up amongst the strawberries. A week ago my haskaps were dormant, now they're putting out leaves and blooms. Of course, there's still the occasional snowstorm to contend with, but I content myself in the knowledge that it will soon melt and provide water for my garden. 

Oh, and did I mention the lack of mosquitoes? It's nice to eat outside without the outside eating you!

What do you love about spring?


Crocuses - the most fragile flower but the most welcome one!

Up come the tulips!

Nothing smells better than a bed made with line-dried bedsheets.

Rhubarb! Need to find some good recipes this spring.

The first asparagus spear! I wonder if we'll have enough this year to pick some for a meal?

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