Thursday, January 17, 2013


The time has come to start poring over seed catalogues! I've been doing so for the past couple weeks, taking my West Coast Seeds catalogue into the bathroom, bedroom, basement, husband just laughs at me. But that's ok because I'm dreaming about my garden! So in case you're interested in what I think I'm going to order and if you're nearby and want to go in on some of these with me, here's a list! Bear in mind, I don't plan to get them all, and if I do, it'll only be because I have someone to split the cost with!

West Coast Seeds: (a BC company)

Beans - Purple Peacock - 3.39 - for attractiveness in the front. I will plant them around the trunks of my new trees to (hopefully) provide nitrogen for the trees and also for some nifty color.

Beans - Tri-color - 3.39 - for an extended harvest
Beans - Orca - 3.39 - for drying beans! I tried a different variety last year and loved them.
Beans - Sayamusume (edamame) - 5.99 - for fun!

Broccoli - Gypsy - 3.39 - for seeding in summer to get a concentrated harvest in autumn. I grew these last year, and until the cabbage moths found the plants, the broccoli was amazing. Like, "I suddenly like broccoli" amazing!

Carrots - Rainbow blend - 3.99 - love the variety of colors in my soup! And they last forever in the fridge (I just finished the last of them in January)

?Kale - Lacinato - 2.99 - snazzy looking, the leaves are heavy enough to dehydrate

Lettuce - Super Gourmet Salad Blend - 3.39 - I've had this one for a few years and just love it. The boys walk past and grab bits of the top and the plants don't mind at all! They are great in all weather and as they get bigger I thin them out (by eating more salad) so they can grow into full heads. I've never had to re-seed because if you just pick outer leaves, they just keep on giving!

Peas - Sugar Ann (snap peas) - 4.85 - picked for their disease resistance. I want to put them into my new raised bed to improve the soil
Peas - Mr. Big (shelling) - 3.29 - just for some nice tall trellis peas up against the fence! They also have good disease resistance.

Winter squash - Gold Nugget - 3.95 - I'm a big fan of compact squash plants in small gardens!
Pumpkins - Galeux d'Eysines - 3.99 - apparently it's the best for pumpkin pies. Who am I to quibble? Plus they're mildew resistant, a disease I had a problem with last year. Also, it will not cross-pollinate with my Gold Nugget because they are different sub-species. That means I can collect seeds and they will be true to type (remember that post in October?). I might be cutting it a little close with the days to maturation though. Better start it early!

?Swiss Chard - Bright Lights - 3.29 - I planted it in the front last year and got many compliments on the plant - it's amazing as an edible ornamental!

Tomatoes - Taxi (still have seeds) - Last year this plant produced over 50 sweet, medium-sized, yellow tomatoes... in a pot!
Tomatoes - Early Girl - 2.99 - I love these vining plants! They have huge leaves and lots of tomatoes. I got converted to them by my mother-in-law. :)

Bow Seeds (an Alberta company)

Broccoli - Gourmet Mixed Hybrids - 1.95 - for an extended harvest without having to remember to re-seed every 2 weeks!

Cabbage - Danish ballhead - 1.95 - I just want to try more brassicas this year. I want to have them all in the same raised bed so I can cover them all with a bug cloth to keep out those dratted cabbage moths.
Cabbage - Red Acre - 1.95

Carrots - Danvers half-long - 1.75 - mature early for those little guys who are sure to be wanting a garden snack!

Cucumber - Chill Out - 2.25 - I've never had much luck with cucumbers. Thought I'd try an Alberta variety!

Onions - Yellow Dutch - 3.75
Onions - Red Onions - 3.75

Peppers - New Ace Hybrid - 2.95 - extra early, a pepper for the prairies!

Tomato - Arctic Fire - 3.50 - Super early tomato that can set even in cool conditions.

Veseys - a PEI company

?Kale - Black Magic - 2.50 - thinking this one is a little cheaper that the West Coast one. If I have enough seeds I want to order from these guys, I'll chuck this one in.

Zucchini - Elegance - 4.75 - It has resistance to powdery mildew, which drove me crazy last year. Strangely enough, I've never had much luck with zucchini, so anything I can do to boost its production will be helpful!

?Swiss Chard - Kaleidoscope - 3.75 - way cheaper than the one at West Coast!

Tomatoes - Tiny Tim - 2.50 - lots of early ripening tiny tomatoes for those little hands that are itching for a garden snack!

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