Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bye-bye lawn (part 2)

Say hello to some more photos taken at dusk! (hence the fuzziness). But the fuzziness might be beneficial, since it helps blur the line between the old and new sections. I'm very thankful to my in-laws for providing two lovely bales of STRAW instead of hay for the new section. Yay for less weeds! On Saturday we're going out and loading up a truckload of compost to put on top, so hopefully the neighbors will stop giggling behind their curtains at the weirdo with the barn on her lawn. 

The view from the deck.

The view from the road.

Someone asked me a while ago about whether it smelled. Frankly, the first section I did was pretty rank for a couple days. But that's because the grass I used had been sitting around for at least a week, cooped up in plastic bags during a heat wave. Yeah. You get it. 

But thus far, what I have done tonight doesn't smell at all. Fresh grass and straw instead of hay seems to have done wonders. Good thing, because I might have gotten some neighborly complaints had my front yard smelled like the underside of a compost heap for much longer.  And they were buffeted from the worst of the smell because it was up close to the house. So if you plan to do this, don't let your grass rot inside its bags. That's just a recipe for nasty.


Clint P. said...


Did you say the other day that the city had mulch or compost you could pick up somewhere for free?

Christie said...

Old Man Nursery has free bark mulch. It's run by the City of Edmonton, but is off of HWY 16, just past Greenland Garden Centre.